Recovery on the Rocks

Hi, my name is Opal.

I deal with severe depression and my partner is an addict in recovery. I started this series to help me cope with my situation; drawing and writing about my feelings helped me process my thoughts and feelings when they felt overwhelming.

What I didn't expect was my partner's support for this project. Sharing these with her has helped us communicate about ourselves and our relationship. She has consented to me sharing these in this format.

I hope that this project helps you as much as it has helped me.


The content here addresses and portrays depression and addiction. and it's important to me, for what this project is to me, that these be addressed in full. That means that there is discussion around difficult subjects (suicide comes to mind) that not everyone will be ready to confront.


Finally, if you or someone you know is dealing with depression, alcoholism, and/or addiction, and you/they want help, here are some places to get started: I have no affiliation with any of these groups.